Low Vines interceps mower

Mower interceps for tractor (mowing between feet and stakes), allows the control of the weed, and thus the control of the erosion in particular in the vineyards in slope. Particularly suitable for transitions between different cultivation methods. Product...

Row mowing for vineyards

For more than 10 years, our “clover” mower has been responding to the need to develop crops, using more environmentally friendly processes, and thus complying with the new standards.

Constantly evolving to adapt to the particularities of each vineyard, its compact design and low weight allow it to be installed by a simple and quick assembly on all types of tractors (vineyard, high-clearance) and even on mounted tools (shredders …)

Precision intercep mower, it allows to cut the grass as close as possible to the feet while respecting them, as well as the young plants (stakes).

The use of our mower is suitable for both traditional and organic cultivation methods. It comes as a complement to soil work, especially for invasive weeds the day before the harvest.

It is also the solution against soil erosion.

In the spring, we travel in France for demonstrations, do not hesitate to contact us to make the request.

Our products are made in France, in our workshops in Morancé in the heart of the Beaujolais vineyards.

We ship on average within 8 days from receipt of your order, subject to stock availability.

The grassing on the rows of vines is an effective solution to control
erosion. However, a rigorous control of the grass is essential.

Our mower for vineyard tractors , fruit growers and straddlers has an original design that allows it to be inserted between the stakes and the vines.

operation of the vineyard mower
Weight approx.
50kg depending on options


space requirement for grapevine mower

INCLINING: manual or hydraulic

inclination of the intercep mower


intercep mower tilt options for vineyard tractors

Tree mower for tractor

Mower intended for the arboricultural sector, to facilitate the mowing between the fruit trees. We are currently developing a "tree mower". We will inform you as soon as possible when it will be...

Frame and various supports for inter-row mowers

New in 2023: Chassis for vineyard clover mower. For mounting on vineyard tractors and straddle carriers. Adjustable 3-point frame for front or rear lift class 1 or 2, with hydraulic spacing for mounting cloverleaf mowers. 3-point chassis for rear lift 3-point...