New in 2023: Chassis for vineyard clover mower.

For mounting on vineyard tractors and straddle carriers.

Adjustable 3-point frame for front or rear lift class 1 or 2, with hydraulic spacing for mounting cloverleaf mowers.

3-point chassis for rear lift

Frame for 3-point interceptor mower for rear lift

3-point chassis for front lift

Frame for 3-point cloverleaf mower for front lift

Rear lift diagrams



Front linkage diagrams


Description common to the three-point chassis front – rear lift.

  • Adjustable three-point frame for front or rear lift, class 1 or 2, with hydraulic spacing for mounting cloverleaf mowers.
  • Hydraulic spacing by two cylinders of 300 mm stroke, equipped with brake valve, connection of 10L.Plantations of 1,50 to 2 m. 1.60 to 2.10 m depending on the position of the cylinders. (provide 2 double acting spool valves)
  • Slides with retaining screws.

    Additional description of the three-point front lift chassis.

    • The front frame allows the mowers to be mounted remotely. It is equipped with an adjustable depth wheel allowing to follow the ground, provided that the hitch is left floating. In case the lift cannot be floating, we recommend to use a chain instead of the push bar of the third point.
    • Please note: our chassis are designed to receive only our mowers.
    • Caution: remember to raise the mowers before moving them aside.

    Other frames to facilitate your mower or ramp assemblies.