Mower interceps for tractor (mowing between feet and stakes), allows the control of the weed, and thus the control of the erosion in particular in the vineyards in slope.

Particularly suitable for transitions between different cultivation methods.

Tractor with inter-weed mower for vineyards
interceps clover mower to mow around the vines for low vines

Product Description

  • Mower equipped with six suction and retractable blades that ensure a clean cut
  • Little projection
  • Cutting width on the row: 40 cm. Cutting capacity from 10 to 25 cm depending on grass type and density.
  • Cutting height and ground tracking ensured by a height-adjustable skid or wheel and a parallelogram with weight compensating spring.
  • Rotating and retractable mowing deck, adjustable in manual or hydraulic inclination according to options.
  • Adjustable spring return, for the passage between the vines and the stakes.
  • Plastic exterior protection for smooth foot traffic.
  • Driven by hydraulic motor, 8 cm3 displacement and belt.
  • Requires an oil flow of 25 liters / min. For tractors that do not have the hydraulic capacity, the installation of a central unit is necessary.
  • Driving speed 3 to 4 km/h.
  • Preferably used for trellised vines

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